Cerrificate of Excellence for 2015

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Cerrificate of Excellence for 2016

  • Exclusive jeep safaris in corbett landscape covering various tourism zones.
  • Staying in the jungle in a forest rest house with a trained naturalist to guide you and answer all your queries related to wildlife.
  • Hardcore birding expeditions in the surrounding forests and to the biggest wetland of the region for migratory and loads of resident species.
  • Cultural exposure to Kumaoni as well as Gujjar villages either on the periphery or inside the reserve forests to understand the interdependence.
  • Customised itinerary where you can have a discussion with Imran on your likes, interests and needs and get an itinerary, custom made for you only.
  • Discussions on the wildlife where Imran shares experiences and anecdotes from his numerous quests in the wild.
  • Visit to the local haat (roadside markets) for a taste of the local flavor.
  • Visit to village school to learn about the learning capabilities of kids besides the teaching abilities of the teacher in a situation where two classes jointly sit in a room.
  • Umpteenth opportunities for nature and wildlife photography, as Imran would guide you to the best offbeat, scenic and unexplored sites of the region.

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